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“Operation Skull?” Bon Bon asked.
Daring Do slowly smiled. “T.I.T.A.N.’s been looking into multiple creatures moving to Black Skull Island. A mass exodus or migration pattern… or something else. Something bigger.”
Lyra lifted her curious eyes from the folder. “What do you mean… ‘bigger’?” she asked.
“Word of seismic readings sprouting from the island… or a rival alpha. Of course, it’s just an offer. By no means are either of you forced to take these tasks. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance were going to helm the mission to Black Skull Island anyway… but we could always use the backup.”
This was it. Exactly what she had been waiting for. An exciting mission that could delve into dangerous territory into uncharted lands. Titans were involved, and something bigger loomed on the horizon. That something was just waiting for their involvement, and Lyra practically begged when she turned to Bon Bon for her reaction.
Though it wasn’t something Bon Bon was hoping to hear that day, it was still a mission. It was still her home and her people that were at stake, that she swore to defend. Turning to meet Lyra’s reaction, Bon Bon bit her lip to see the exhilaration and enthusiasm practically glowing from her wife’s expression. It was enough to get a smile out of Bon Bon, and earn an eager grin out of Lyra. It wasn’t going to be easy, but neither one of them were willing to back down from the challenge.
And besides, how could she say no to that face?
The smiles were shared and each mare expressed their answer with a firm nod to one another. “We’ll take it,” Bon Bon said, snapping her folder closed while Lyra did the same with hers. They handed the classified documents back to Daring, the Pegasus taking each.
Daring grinned as she slipped them back into her satchel, the mare chuckling, “Excellent. Glad to have you both on board. Now then… which mission did you want first?”
The two turned back to one another, Lyra suggesting, “Black Skull Island just sounds ominous… but who’s to say if we’ve never even seen it?”
As if she would have picked anything else. Bon Bon shook her head with a chuckle, turning her smirk back to Daring Do, and Daring just loved to see that smile. Knowing exactly what it meant. Bon Bon fiercely nodded either way. And she had to admit, deep down… it felt good to be back.
“Let’s gear up and get evil.”
Bon Bon, Lyra, and Daring Do © Hasbro


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