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safe1975261 artist:dalapony87 cloud kicker2268 derpy hooves54052 rarity203435 spitfire14690 twilight sparkle333390 pegasus408413 pony1327603 unicorn448176 g47344 2 panel comic2408 apple cider416 bipedal43878 blushing239358 burning724 cider2832 clothes560795 cloudsdale1481 clusterfuck34 comic124102 dark comedy710 derp7744 dialogue80572 drinking4450 drunk5560 drunk rarity207 drunk twilight312 faic13832 female1606775 fire13870 fire hose24 fire hydrant60 firefighter239 firefighter derpy hooves3 firefighter helmet70 fireworks2409 frown28884 funny4870 funny as hell571 glass5899 glass bottle42 gritted teeth16657 happy new year1591 hat109234 helmet13599 hoof hold10929 male461145 mane of fire1730 mane on fire44 mare620124 marshmallow1532 match139 messy mane9191 mouth hold21266 new year1201 on fire232 open mouth198449 party hat3107 reality ensues466 running7137 scared12650 scenery9313 scenery porn981 scrunchy face7850 smiling332351 stallion150857 unamused20722 uniform13670 wahaha167 wat20850 water18992 wide eyes18857 wine glass1949 wonderbolts4068 wonderbolts uniform6706


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