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Lovely couple of nerds~ 
Valentine’s day drawing finished for @SparkyStarfall <3
safe1945695 artist:snowstormbat471 oc822989 oc only605630 oc:ironsides26 oc:sparky starfall26 earth pony350509 pony1295433 unicorn433663 cheek fluff7684 chest fluff51920 chin fluff336 ear fluff40497 eyebrows14441 eyebrows visible through hair7475 eyes closed118016 floppy ears63469 gay32576 glasses75941 male450469 maledom6541 malesub6993 nuzzling4531 oc x oc19708 ponydom493 ponysub494 raised hoof58611 shipping227169 shoulder fluff2487 simple background490337 smiling323450 stallion145520 stallion on stallion2288 submissive20971 white background126662


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