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(Don’t worry!! I’m gonna go back and do other days too!)
I had trouble picking my favorite ships! I have so many I love (I’m a next gen artist!! Of course I have a lot of favs!!) but I ended up choosing these two because I think they’re very different relationships lol
Autumn Blaze and Tree Hugger are the most hippy dippy, lovey dovey wives ever. Before Tree Hugger settles with their child in Ponyville (Flower Power is their baby, sired by Sunburst), she and Autumn travelled all over Equestria, just vibin n experiencing the natural beauty of the planet.
Tempest Shadow and Starlight Glimmer have extreme highs and lows. Both women have dealt with the emotional toll of their own villainy and cruelty, and those old feelings occasionally manifest in sudden ways. At the same time, they both work hard to be better ponies, and will have really good days together (until Starlight brings up how much she misses Sunburst hahaaaa and that def makes Tempest feel like number two in Starlight’s book sometimes). In short, they have a lot of issues, but they hold each other down and keep each other in check to keep their more negative qualities at bay. Also, Tempest is very tall and muscular and battle-scarred and that simply butters Starlight’s bread lmao
safe1971731 artist:loryska543 autumn blaze4860 fizzlepop berrytwist9681 starlight glimmer55325 tempest shadow18249 tree hugger3209 earth pony361516 kirin12515 pony1323594 unicorn446464 blushing238705 bust67138 ear fluff41650 februpony324 female1603422 lesbian108579 pink background4631 ponytail22645 shipping229760 simple background501378 tongue out128603 torn ear1448


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