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This drawing was inspired from the episodes “The Ending of the End”, when Cozy Glow, Lord Tirek and Queen Chrysalis turn powerful with Grogar’s Bewitching Bell. I hope you will like it.
safe1949450 artist:leonkay69 cozy glow8686 lord tirek5781 queen chrysalis38748 alicorn270401 centaur4075 changeling57688 changeling queen20828 pony1299660 taur1610 the ending of the end3472 alicornified6540 cozycorn812 female1582546 filly83187 foal27908 high res84403 male451755 nose piercing3444 nose ring2621 piercing52431 pointing4921 race swap17739 septum piercing1120 shiny3294 signature34317 trio16129 ultimate chrysalis481


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