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safe1971367 artist:fan_silversol39 apple bloom56363 discord34770 fluttershy238145 pinkie pie238563 princess celestia105080 princess luna109249 rainbow dash259302 rarity203123 spike87291 starlight glimmer55309 trixie74658 twilight sparkle332886 zecora10441 alicorn274379 draconequus16927 dragon72169 earth pony361326 pegasus406478 pony1323055 unicorn446252 zebra20950 dungeons and discords843 2022633 accessory swap1905 arrow2602 balloon11786 baseball cap2613 black and white15405 bow (weapon)1605 bow and arrow1020 bust67110 cap5859 captain wuzz113 clothes559116 collage1774 crossed hooves2493 cute236151 diapinkes11553 duo117558 eyes closed120678 fan silversol delete20 fantasy class1732 female1602995 filly84734 floating4956 flying47386 foal29534 gem8260 grayscale43981 happy38361 hat108921 heart61135 high res86679 implied shipping6214 implied sparity453 implied straight6002 lineart23392 magic86466 male459734 mare618162 monochrome163632 mug5466 open mouth197701 question mark5737 shipping229722 signature34980 simple background501189 sketch72821 smiling331126 smirk15837 sparity7691 spread wings75391 straight159545 sunglasses18381 telekinesis34229 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1029 trixie's hat5575 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138545 wall of tags5410 weapon36623 white background130169 wing fluff1956 wings174974