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safe2117221 artist:tjpones3876 princess celestia110376 princess luna114731 alicorn302613 pony1478345 g41926532 absurd resolution66066 black and white16791 comic132202 dialogue88914 duo156342 eyes closed133561 female1738879 gameboy advance51 grayscale47576 hand12132 implied twilight sparkle2563 levitation15727 lineart24139 magic93715 magic hands1358 mare702601 monochrome171614 offscreen character49516 old432 s1 luna8360 siblings19915 simple background569018 sisters16683 telekinesis37800 white background151757 wingless7317


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Gas Loving Baritone Butt
I can only imagine how it’s going to go down when I introduce my future kids to something like Star Wars Republic Commando or the original Farcry Instincts.
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
This is like that one time when a kid saw my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon wallpaper on my phone and then all he talks about is Pokemon Go.
Background Pony #2643
“Did you setup the wifi on this? The multiplayer gets stuck searching for players.”