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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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We’ll be in touch Miss Octavia
As the last note of her chosen piece echoed in the nearly empty auditorium, anxiety started to rise in her gut. A sickening, twisting feeling far from unfamiliar but nonetheless unpleasant. The seconds seemed to stretch into eternity as her heartbeat steadily filled her ears and punctuated by a small nervous gulp. Not a failure, but certainly not the resounding acceptance into the Royal Orchestra of Manehatten that she had hoped for. Only time would tell what would happen…
Wowie been sitting on this one for so long, surprisingly drawing Octavia did not take long, while the background just had all these details to do and it was quite a struggle to get them okay.
Also I have been drawing way too many personal pieces for my friends, it’s like every time I finish one I get a new idea I wanna draw for them. Oh well
Cello pone Octavia from that toy company

safe2153123 artist:novaintellus237 octavia melody27393 earth pony437383 pony1581062 g42006167 audition10 booth293 bowtie14636 cafe769 coffee4960 female1779805 floppy ears71855 indoors7703 mare727460 mug6220 rain7770 sitting90684 solo1408847 story included12624 theater386 window13557


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You did an amazing job! I wish I had the patience and ambition to work on something for more then a day. I usually want to just erase and quit upon waking up, so I can never spend more then a day on something lol. My seflf motivation is terrible
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I would like to imagine she did get accepted and she’s enjoying a drink to finally get all that stress and anxiety off of her