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say hello to my newest oc Scarlet star a former cop turned crimal also a kirin plushie snuggler.
safe1945409 artist:gray star145 derpibooru exclusive33769 winter flame204 oc822810 oc:scarlet star20 cyborg4496 kirin12130 bedroom13316 blonde mane473 butt freckles2533 cellphone6072 clothes549381 cyberpunk2056 energy drink350 energy weapon377 female1578767 freckles35690 mare603673 panties56746 phone9694 plushie27552 sleeping26360 snoring994 story in the comments853 underwear69649 weapon36061


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Background Pony #C5A7
No matter how many times I come back to this drawing (because I love it) and read the description, I always read ‘snuggler’ as ‘smuggler’ and wonder why this mare is wrapped up in some kind of illicit plushie trade.
Scarlet Star took a long, hard suck on her candy cigarette and winced - lemon, definitely not her preferred flavour. She considered leaving it but the last thing she needed tonight was such a distraction, and so unceremoniously spat it out. In this alley there was nopony around that’d see or care. Especially not with so many having rushed back to their meagre apartments as the heavens threatened to open at any moment. Even the few who plied their trade down places like this had scurried off to their safe havens, leaving the grimy walls free of backs pressed against them and the damp lane without more than a single set of hooves waiting for custom.
Reaching back into her saddlebag, Scarlet pushed aside her pistol; Alitech made them well, there was no problem with any rain getting into the saddlebag. And while holding such a thing might be a gamble for most ponies, an ex-cop and one down in this part of the city wouldn’t do more than attract a raised eyebrow from those in the know. With any luck, it’d stay cold but she’d had too many close calls in the past to go without it. Fishing about, she poked a hoof against the torn packet of candy cigarettes and took the grubby packaging out, pulling a more palatable orange-scented stick from it and wedging it between her lips.
An older mare dashed past the entrance to the alley, dropping a small cloth object in her wake. She skidded to a halt and looked back, panic dawning over her face before she spotted Scarlet. It was enough to send her running again, leaving the plushie behind. Neither knew each other, had no reason to trust each other, as far as the mare knew Scarlet might well have still been a cop on the lookout for one such as her.
Scarlet sucked on her candy cigarette and scuffed a hoof against the ground, her leg’s servos whirring quietly. Last thing she needed was that thing sitting just outside, attracting the wrong kind of attention. Darn city was going to Tartarus and all she could do was try to get by in it.
“H-Hey, are you—”
Scarlet spun about, almost dropping the candy cigarette as she reflexively raised a hoof towards her saddlebag. A quick flip of her head had her blonde mane free from her eyes and allowed a better look at the blue stallion, now looking ready to bolt back the way he came. Still, there was no sense in dropping her guard just yet, caution was why she still had two legs intact.
“T-The uh… um…” the stallion stammered, eyes twitching between Scarlet’s hoof and her eyes that watched him intently. “G-Gray sent me?” He finished off with holding a hoof to his chest, making a motion like he was holding something.
Right. They always said that. Gray Star was one of the few ponies she could afford to trust, after all, given how expensive a commodity that was in this city. She made sure to direct the right kinds of ponies to Scarlet, while misdirecting the rest. Good mare, dependable.
Scarlet lowered her hoof from her saddlebag and shifted the candy cigarette to the other side of her mouth as she approached the stallion. “Pumpkin Smoke?”
Kirin rocketed in popularity after the ban, something about their manes being particularly snuggleable attracted a lot of ponies. Maybe they just needed something soft to curl up to after a day in this place. Scarlet couldn’t blame them.
The stallion nodded quickly and just as quick looked about himself. With a hoof that looked like it might start shaking at any moment, he reached up to his own saddlebag before realising he still had a horn and lit it instead. A thin tendril of magic pulled a clinking bag and sent it floating to Scarlet.
“Hey, you there!”
Reaching into her saddlebag for the plushie, Scarlet glanced over her withers - a pair of ponies sporting the dark colours of the city police were bearing down on the alley. Probably attracted by what that mare had dropped earlier. Without checking, Scarlet pushed the orange-brown plushie into the stallion’s hooves before taking the bag of bits and stuffing it into her saddlebag and pulling out the gun.
With any luck she wouldn’t need to use it. But bits couldn’t buy luck, and she’d just enough of those to get by. Them or her? Well, she was an ex-cop and if they were happy to stick at that profession, they’d made their choice.