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Part 2 of my contribution to the canterlot wedding 10th anniversary event!
Possibly not though, depending on if having a willy drawn on your face pushes the image out of the Safe tag.
suggestive172851 artist:silkworm205287 derpibooru exclusive34738 part of a set18345 princess cadance36720 queen chrysalis39060 shining armor25871 alicorn274379 changeling58421 changeling queen21123 unicorn446250 anthro315647 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary392 3d104007 alcohol8854 bookshelf4766 breasts343116 clothes559109 crown24951 cup7734 disguise6213 disguised changeling3360 dress53717 drinking4431 drugged248 eyes closed120678 face doodle73 female1602991 head on lap105 helmet13560 hitman64 horn117229 implied tail hole1022 interface37 jewelry91248 kiss mark1433 lipstick14052 male459731 male nipples8203 mare618159 necktie9114 nipples211531 open clothes3257 open shirt1598 pants18971 paper-thin disguise150 penis drawing26 poison196 prank1622 regalia29813 royal guard9545 shiningcadance3103 shipping229721 shirt32412 sleeping26720 smiley face280 source filmmaker59184 spear2892 stallion150071 straight159544 thief386 weapon36623 wine3108 wings174974


not provided yet


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