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Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling in Equestria Girls form.
Names: Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling
Genders: Female
Occupation: Students at Canterlot High, pranksters
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Peach orange with lighter streaks
Skin: Light lavender
Relatives: Banister Railing (father), Tiker (mother), Melody (sister), Sweetheart (sister)
Voice: Jaeda Lily Miller (Jing-a-Ling), Abigail Oliver (Ting-a-Ling)
Bio: Like their pony counterparts, are pair of jokesters who like pulling pranks on everyone, including their older sisters Melody and Sweetheart. Their friends with Snips & Snails as they all enjoy pulling pranks. A prank they pulled on the Rainbooms was in the cafeteria, they swiped the wet floor sign so the girls wouldn’t notice and they slipped into a heap.
Personality: Like their pony counterparts, the two are mischievous and sneaky, but they look up to their older sisters and often uses their pranks to help and or defend them.
Trivia: The wet floor sign prank they pulled on the Rainbooms was from the short “Epic Fails”, where they missed the said sign, slipped, and crashed in a heap. Here, it was because Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling hid the sign.
safe1917169 artist:jebens1268 jing-a-ling32 ting-a-ling31 equestria girls228063 g116177 g44643 my little pony tales1024 bell5367 clothes539686 converse6433 dress51862 equestria girls-ified11597 g1 to g44286 generation leap7082 pants18012 shirt30937 shoes47059 siblings13470 smiling314882 traditional art128610 twins2620


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