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holy fuck this is top tier

explicit464087 artist:canaryprimary48 artist:endymionva6 artist:kum_bomb7 fluttershy255802 gummy5639 pinkie pie253360 alligator1733 dragon84054 earth pony436754 pegasus486885 pony1579701 g42004646 absurd file size3298 aftersex12187 ahegao33441 anal creampie12314 animated124663 annoyed7172 anus135075 balloonbutt6396 blowjob41285 blushing268227 both cutie marks13956 butt226303 casual sex2068 compliment126 creampie44185 cum103670 cum on body3956 cum on butt2196 cum on floor506 cum on hair2528 cute262746 cute porn7478 diapinkes12493 dock69900 doggy style10121 dragon on pony action1047 encouragement153 encouraging51 female1778206 female orgasm1420 from behind18211 fucked senseless222 happy43800 happy sex2872 hat122481 heart eyes28904 human vagina on pony9147 implied anal753 implied bisexual251 implied gay1748 implied impregnation518 implied sex8080 implied sluttershy1 impregnation4493 interspecies31114 mare726725 morning after207 nudity504157 open mouth232472 oral64169 orgasm17955 party hat3537 penetration86536 penetration view216 penis209740 pinkie slut104 plot140719 pony on dragon action297 pussytivity68 sex168155 show accurate26404 show accurate porn9465 sluttershy1288 sound16709 spitroast3700 splatter123 squirting3656 sugarcube corner3119 surprised12625 tail95224 talking about sex76 talking to viewer5709 this will end in pregnancy2531 threesome14020 tongue out144621 vaginal56302 vaginal creampie7226 vaginal secretions52250 voice acting1337 vulva186307 webm25223 wingding eyes38519


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Background Pony #B24F
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Background Pony #37E8
@Background Pony #F0B7
The best thing about it is: She would let you, unless you are a meanie
She loves fun and making others happy, if Pinkie hasn’t by far the most active sex life of anyone then ponies don’t have sex for fun
Background Pony #38D8
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Background Pony #37E8
@Thorned Rose Ninja
Yes, it’s amazing!
It’s an accurate characterization, too.
Pinkie Pie loves fun and making others happy.
She has by far the most sex - or ponies generally just don’t have sex for fun.
Posted Report
Thorned Rose Ninja
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
Artist -

I absolutely love when Pinkie is all sex positive and encouraging like this!
She’s such an adorably happy slut, which I mean in the nicest way.
(Poor Fluttershy, missing out on the fun! XD)
Posted Report
Background Pony #7CC4
Legitimately the best MLP porn animation on this site. Pretty artstyle, funny themes and a fun context