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Happy old 10 years everypony, spent a dizzying amount of time on this compared to my usuals (probably because the rest of my stuff are portraits) mainly due to this banger finale alone is what hooked me onboard the pony ride and I will never forgive it for that.
safe1975190 artist:cadillac-dynamite148 princess cadance36796 queen chrysalis39125 shining armor25907 twilight sparkle333382 alicorn275137 changeling58571 changeling queen21169 pony1327525 unicorn448141 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary392 a canterlot wedding3331 canterlot6485 canterlot castle2637 changeling swarm54 eye mist171 female1606707 flying47499 force field712 glowing12716 glowing eyes13684 green tongue169 hoof shoes7586 mind control4243 open mouth198434 peytral5141 ponies riding ponies2708 riding8426 spread wings75730 tongue out128990 twilight riding cadance3 unicorn twilight26407 wallpaper19908 wings175899


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I look at your art in awe. The energy, emotion, coloring, composition, it’s all put together so well and captivates me as my eyes dart back and forth between everything happening in this image. This is the kind of art that I would want to buy at a convention. Thanks for putting in the effort! Not many could replicate art that looks this good.