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suggestive170120 artist:hyperstorm_h773 artist:marauder62722028 princess celestia104131 princess luna108287 alicorn269669 anthro309798 unguligrade anthro57314 belly button94019 big breasts104022 bikini22035 blushing234656 breast overpour299 breasts335879 breasts touching115 busty princess celestia12034 busty princess luna8338 clothes549420 digital art25212 female1578850 huge breasts48195 impossibly large breasts20147 looking at you212229 looking down11595 looking down at you960 low angle2627 mare603710 offscreen character42860 pov16777 royal sisters5507 siblings14335 side-tie bikini496 sisters12539 smiling323380 smiling at you13168 swimsuit34249


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Background Pony #470B
@Background Pony #6028
Roughtly translatex to “Oh my!” (Like in, “Oh my. What do we have here”!)
Usualy used by mature women when they see a younger prey they want to take care of ;)
Background Pony #470B
They have some very strong “Ara ara!” energy, and I’m so fine with that^^