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Celestia gives Luna a royal hug, because hugs are nice
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safe1900709 artist:cyanlightning1117 princess celestia102399 princess luna106557 alicorn260947 pony1248283 .svg available9257 absurd resolution70031 duo97410 ear fluff38914 eyes closed113292 female1537593 filly79710 foal24168 hug32229 mare578683 missing accessory8932 sibling love532 siblings13035 simple background472970 sisterly love438 sisters11550 smiling309650 standing16836 transparent background236148 vector82307 woona5347 younger19384


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Skunk pony protector
Luna could help me never grow up. She would use me for any and all her filly needs moments. For she should have taught Twilight that it’s perfectly fine to have a second or secret younger personality to take over when the true Twilight has way too much stress to cope with.
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Go fsck yourself
Adorable!!! 🥰
Hey Cyan, I noticed that the link to the SVG, on the dA source page, goes to “Cadance and Shining Armor Vector - Hugging.svg” instead of the proper file. Just an FYI.