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What if Alphabittle had a punk phase? I mean, he kinda has/had this “bad boy” vibe, and along with Izzy, he also was clearly different from other unicorns.
However, unlike with Izzy’s case, who was more like an outcast, I took this idea in the other direction with being Alpha the one who actually sort of isolated himself from the others, despite being kinda popular. I can totally see him thinking as a teen/young adult: “Heck, I sure don’t wanna be a part of this sad bunch!”. I think he even left Bridlewood at some point, at least once, but that’s an another story.
Back to this pic, overall, I can think of him as a rebel type, who did a lot of crazy things as a young stallion (such as being gone for days without warning, bringing home a lot of knick-knacks which he claims he won in different games and bets, etc.), driving his poor mom, Mallow Mist, crazy.
Not only, she’s being borderline harassed by other random unicorns (mostly by other parents), who constantly tell her: “Misty, your son’s getting out of hooves. He’s a real bad influence to youngsters, do something to him!”
Other than that, she also kinda worried about him, clearly not finding his place in the unicorn society of Bridlewood. Mallow Mist’s own helplessness in this case really frustrates her: she can find a natural remedy for almost any physical wounds and illnesses, yet her knowledge apparently fails her when it comes to the wounds of the soul.
She’s basically like: “Alpha, honey, why are you doing this? We didn’t raise you up like this, did we? You should know better than that!”
So it’s not exactly Alphabittle’s new punk style what made her freak out here (thanks to Alpha, her tolerance level became relatively high over time), but rather the pent-up frustration is bursting out of her.
safe1971739 artist:sallylla24 alphabittle blossomforth496 oc836691 oc:mallow mist7 pony1323604 unicorn446465 g540899 my little pony: a new generation13847 alternate hairstyle33428 butt freckles2615 choker17339 chubby15446 clothes559285 drama queen276 duo117659 dyed mane475 eyebrows15341 eyes closed120739 facehoof1922 female1603425 fishnets6717 floppy ears64520 freckles36492 frustrated699 gloves25344 hairband1598 hooves22745 horn117296 i've failed as a parent7 it's a phase49 it's not a phase93 leather straps188 leg band57 looking at someone7398 looking back74083 male459877 mare618391 mother2623 mother and child4036 mother and son3585 mothers gonna mother165 open mouth197817 open smile16546 parent591 punk2718 raised hoof59855 rebel87 rebellious teen17 simple background501382 smiling331272 smug7784 spiked choker2315 spiked wristband1698 stallion150147 standing18169 tail66332 teenager5909 teeth15378 unicorn oc22498 unshorn fetlocks36337 walking6254 wristband4511 younger20255


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