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One of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. The theme that night was a celebratoin of MerMay, so it was all mermaids all night. This was a request for Queen Novo swimming with a orca whale. Maybe it’s a friend. Perhaps it’s loyal guard of her court.

safe2151221 artist:baron engel2666 queen novo1863 orca373 seapony (g4)6838 anthro353918 g42004376 my little pony: the movie21376 bikini25193 bikini top3018 breasts384387 bubble8668 busty queen novo139 clothes624117 countershading522 crown29338 dorsal fin2389 female1777599 fins3422 fish tail3950 flowing tail3120 jewelry110388 lidded eyes46623 looking at each other33433 looking at someone14856 mare726478 monochrome173379 ocean12155 pencil drawing11043 regalia35632 simple background584052 smiling388636 swimming4550 swimsuit38544 tail95087 traditional art141505 underwater9149 water24559 white background157069 wings216113


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