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Commissioned artwork for the fanfic, Nerds Are Hot
suggestive165152 artist:thebrokencog960 fleur-de-lis4112 sci-twi27911 twilight sparkle324581 fanfic:nerds are hot1 equestria girls226117 bed47594 bedroom12732 big breasts99600 breasts324105 busty fleur-de-lis676 busty sci-twi1036 busty twilight sparkle13856 butt touch5602 clothes533225 commission89534 drool28606 drool string6582 duo97172 duo female16810 explicit source4530 eyebrows13021 eyebrows visible through hair6832 eyes closed113150 fanfic10816 fanfic art16327 female1536419 fleurlight5 french kiss2270 glasses73545 gloves23827 kissing27668 kneeling10480 lesbian105616 lidded eyes36336 lingerie11861 long gloves7257 long hair5207 miniskirt5265 open mouth183580 ponytail21577 sci-fleurlight1 sexy35375 shipping222487 shirt30348 sinfully sexy607 skirt45932 sloppy kissing1643 stockings39530 stupid sexy fleur-de-lis268 sultry161 sultry pose2252 thigh highs45212 tongue out121774 tongue play553


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I see kisses, whatever it’s normal or very intense, I’ll approve. Also, why “Science FleurLight”, Valiant Spiral? At least a new ship tag implication goes later in the forums, would be better it should labeled as “Sci-FleurLight” as with the other examples like “Sci-RariLight”.
As Exactly What to Do!
Fleur de Lis is often considered unusually beautiful- so much that others can’t help but stare. Everyone wants to be her, or just simply want her. And everyone who sees her knows full well she can have anyone she wants. And Fleur does want someone; she wants them bad.
So when that person happens to be an oblivious nerd known as Twilight, Fleur is clearly making it all up; like anyone would believe that.