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Short > Vampire Queen Fluttershy (humor +18) - PDF
Hey guys! Here is the new drawing of Fluttershy, but beware, because she is the evil version of that adorable girl! Now she is a vampire, but she also has succubus abilities! Will we have what it takes to placate her fierceness? 0! Hehehe hey hey xD. Well, the time has finally come to see this adorable girl become a real threat. I really liked that episode where Fluttershy turns into Flutterbat (and it made me laugh). I saw a new facet of the shy girl and I thought: How would Flutterbat look human? I hope you like it guys!! :D
suggestive170218 artist:charliexe436 fluttershy235820 human198127 succubus1776 undead4043 vampire4955 equestria girls230848 apple18850 bare shoulders4718 bed49222 belly button94072 blushing234753 breasts336078 busty fluttershy20613 clothes549734 flutterbat7692 food85898 garter belt4765 lingerie12221 looking at you212381 open mouth193157 pillow22113 race swap17719 red eyes8443 sleeveless6854 stockings41131 stupid sexy fluttershy1413 thigh highs47501 underwear69674


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Background Pony #7D4A
Flutters might turn you into a vampire too, and then you can be with her foreverrrrrr, as long as you remember to wear sunblock in the daylight, and a hat, and probably an umbrella just in case, plus sunglasses!

Soft Lover
Stockings, 10/10… no need for more. Call me simple guy, but a pair of that clothing can make me do whatever the wearer wants.