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Seen smaller examples of this, so I made a 20 nation one.
safe1900255 edit150210 edited screencap76010 screencap247692 a.k. yearling332 amethyst skim188 amethyst star2766 apple cobbler349 aten (character)20 barren hymn118 berry punch7003 berryshine7003 blueberry frosting130 cactus fruit23 cloud brûlée154 coco crusoe708 coriander cumin159 currant dust126 daisy2735 daring do6746 desert flower86 dusk drift175 flower flight144 flower wishes2611 fluttershy231558 iahjmehet26 ivy vine146 joe pescolt53 lemon hearts2361 lucky clover671 luis19 lunar bay26 lyra heartstrings31515 magnolia blush126 march gustysnows256 miguel19 minuette6309 mistmane851 moon dust155 moonstone (g4)112 nephthys23 nile faras40 offbeat161 pepperberry (g4)43 pepperjack111 pinkie pie233089 rainbow dash253286 rarity197963 royal riff412 sable spirit88 saffron masala1747 sancho15 scootaloo54298 sea swirl1773 seafoam1773 sheer silk84 shining armor25230 sparkler2664 spike85213 starlight glimmer53592 taperet23 tut jannah20 twilight sparkle324672 twinkleshine2467 velvet fog19 white marble104 zecora10155 alicorn260852 bat pony60276 dragon66893 earth pony330653 pegasus374317 pony1247803 unicorn411657 zebra20059 ponies: the anthology20 ponies: the anthology v2 a canterlot wedding3224 baby cakes755 bats!1818 campfire tales798 daring done?1007 fall weather friends848 it ain't easy being breezies942 lesson zero1681 mmmystery on the friendship express726 no second prances2002 on your marks955 princess spike (episode)750 season 43861 she talks to angel845 sonic rainboom (episode)1155 spice up your life1103 the cutie map4245 the cutie re-mark3337 twilight time942 winter wrap up1215 yakity-sax815 alternate hairstyle32069 alternate timeline3296 and then there's rarity215 animal team53 apple family member3168 architecture186 armor26458 atomic rainboom140 background pony10955 bamboo125 banner2235 bat ponified3500 bed47624 bipedal41793 bubble pipe259 burger2174 butt149080 camouflage743 candle5578 cargo ship563 carousel boutique2695 cauldron1294 chrysalis resistance timeline437 clothes533519 column258 creepy4854 creepy smile692 cult201 curved horn8343 deerstalker312 discovery family1112 discovery family logo11859 dragon spirit41 duel299 duo97329 ear clip16 ear piercing33328 earring25709 egalitarianism181 elderly573 equal cutie mark1564 equal sign174 ethereal mane10052 explosion2385 eyes closed113233 fangs31060 fashion disaster57 female1537162 flour350 flutterbat7460 flying44565 food82550 forced smile388 french fries639 frown27011 full moon4009 glasses73585 glimmer wings363 hat102687 hay burger706 hay fries112 heavy makeup17 helmet12701 hijab356 hoof shoes7007 hooves up585 horn105353 horned helmet345 irony731 jacket15286 jewelry84106 lederhosen47 leg rings176 lipstick13154 logo4637 looking at you203710 lying down28495 magic82670 magic aura5937 male435374 mare578437 mariachi51 market291 meme87304 mocha almond99 moon26617 musical instrument13092 name tag301 neck rings1164 necktie8570 open mouth183754 our town342 pegasus royal guard235 piercing50369 pipe791 plot104073 portrayed by mlp1 potion2481 pyramid436 race swap16921 rainbutt dash4701 raised hoof56504 royal guard8992 royal guard armor1053 s5 starlight2162 saddle2348 salute1164 scenery8953 screenshots893 shipping222563 singing7139 smiling309522 snow15973 solo1211360 sombrero337 somnambula (location)163 somnambula resident151 spear2752 spike is not amused243 spirit505 spread wings69072 stallion138699 tack5734 tacky28 tail54935 tail wrap7354 that pony sure does love burgers238 throne room1270 tree38716 tribal661 tribal pie89 tribalshy142 twilight burgkle565 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134720 unamused19232 unicorn royal guard65 unnamed character899 unnamed pony1784 vial160 viking helmet227 village287 wall of tags5052 weapon34948 well268 when you see it668 wide grin26 wings158606 winter wrap up vest398 yodeling16 yodeloo45 yovidaphone209 yovidapie35 zecora's hut720


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Background Pony #3C33
Ukraine is a rainbow mushroom cloud?! Oh no that’s just messed up!😂😂😂
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