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safe1751362 artist:bigccv101 king sombra14233 pinkie pie220282 earth pony266277 pony1011349 unicorn342594 :>333 annoyed5602 colored horn671 curved horn7186 cute205791 ear bite1592 eyes closed98191 fangs26715 female1402628 filly69687 glare8303 gritted teeth13248 heart50072 horn77756 male388294 mare502553 missing accessory8384 nom3102 pinkamena diane pie19381 pinkie pie riding sombra2 ponies riding ponies2496 pony hat431 riding7610 shipping205749 simple background409442 sitting65626 smiling261266 sombra horn481 sombrapie72 stallion115839 straight140391 transparent background208969 younger17766


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