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Pretty moon 💙
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suggestive167356 artist:shadowboltsfm987 princess luna107272 alicorn264409 anthro304535 plantigrade anthro41159 3d97114 4k2666 adorasexy11137 bedroom12981 blender9588 bra18596 breasts329330 busty princess luna8238 clothes540220 cute228364 eyelashes20441 eyeshadow21157 female1554521 glowing10492 glowing mane604 glowing tail139 high heels13884 high res81068 jewelry85991 lace underwear524 looking at you207347 makeup29036 nail polish9564 necklace24826 not sfm2102 sexy35998 shoes47104 sitting75425 smiling315379 solo1225651 stockings40295 sultry pose2306 tail58073 thigh highs46277 underwear68802


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Background Pony #4914
If she was real, I’d take off her heels and massage her feet
Of course after she allows me to do that
Background Pony #CB54
The lighting and composition of this rendering is stunning. Luna’s warm, relaxed smile and pose backlit by her lustrous mane and tail is just so incredibly eye-catching that I can’t stop admiring her gaze above everything else. She is positively radiant.
…Although her boobs are nice, too.