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‘Princess Luna is by no means a small pony. On the contrary, she’s quite large compared to the average mare! No; the real trouble is that she’s rarely seen in public without her enormous sister by her side.’
suggestive162212 artist:ncmares721 artist:raps205 princess celestia101478 princess luna105701 alicorn256928 pony1226231 angry30672 butt143249 cracks234 dock57581 door4497 doorway455 duo93598 duo female15858 eyes closed110978 featureless crotch7681 female1517838 large butt22011 larger female1014 luna is not amused560 mare567036 moonbutt3975 plot100105 plot pair1043 praise the moon599 praise the sun2180 raspberry1134 royal sisters5254 scrunchy face7579 sibling rivalry178 siblings12651 sisters11299 size difference16786 smaller female277 snorting573 stuck3106 sunbutt4653 tail51701 the ass was fat16907 the ass was too fat292 tongue out119904


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Background Pony #7051
Huh, could have sworn I’ve seen a piece like this a while back, but I can’t seem to find it.
Background Pony #EDDB
Buh. This dude is such a massive tease. He even made space for the lewd bits! Crevice and a slight dimple and then… nothing! But it’s totally there! Luna’s in particular — there is just enough of a cutaway on that shadow to mentally fill in a ponut.
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I think it needs more research since I only see Luna smaller when she passes time with her sister, and taller when it’s a normal situation I think.
Anyways we know is just her design on that episode because of the hair, or just a scale error thb.
Tiny Desk Luna since she’s obviously smaller tan a sun