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Draw a moving pony / Draw a pony leaping to action.
Keep going Sunny, you got it!
safe1920233 artist:darksly543 izzy moonbow11095 sunny starscout10343 earth pony338974 pony1267646 unicorn420699 g530627 my little pony: make your mark1877 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1238 determined871 determined look128 duo100757 female1555345 hole495 lantern2030 mare588601 markings2577 mouth hold20494 newbie artist training grounds7345 scene interpretation9698 unshorn fetlocks34014 void195


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I sure hope we get a proper explanation for WHAT this magic void is and WHY it stopped earth ponies from walking and all the other questions that this first episode raised but never addressed.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
@Background Pony #D8F3
I would have to disagree with you on that, as I love the series, and I think it is quite well made. But you be you. Also, I will never read the comics. I don’t consider those to be canon to the rest of the series.
Background Pony #D8F3
after the movie, the series took a bigger dive than it’s protagonist. (the comics are still great tho)