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Gotta hit that evil quota somehow!
safe1901319 artist:icey56 princess cadance35759 princess celestia102423 princess luna106591 queen chrysalis38055 alicorn261075 pony1248864 cake11016 cakelestia1188 clipboard1448 dialogue75931 disguise5896 disguised changeling3356 fake cadance852 food82624 glasses73648 glowing9760 glowing horn23744 gray background9733 horn105556 magic82743 pure unfiltered evil1857 simple background473277 speech bubble29020 sweat31531 sweatdrop4139 telekinesis32299 tongue out121955 trio14376 wavy mouth4483


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I’ve actually had an Almond Flour Cake or it was Gluten Free. Was actually pretty good, though I think I had a slight allergy to it, make it slightly harder to breath…. I still like a moron ate it all. Now Sugar Free is evil
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Regal Inkwell
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Literal Gay Lord
Gluten free cake is great
Sugar free cake is a warcrime.
Methinks Crissy might be gluten-intolerant, which is why she doesn’t partake in any cake.
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