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“Day 4: Draw a pony discovering something unexpected/Draw a pony hiding something.
This one took a bit of inspiration from a story I wrote a while back where Celestia takes Novo on vacation. One scene had them at a marketplace in Ponyville that has a few antique items. When she visited kingdoms before Mount Aris fell under siege, Novo liked looking at all sorts of trinkets and antiques, and sometimes she was gifted some by her late husband. Here she finds an old book, which didn’t have much of a description in the story but I interpreted it as a collection of ocean adventures, and Celestia is ecstatic about Novo’s joy and curiosity.”
safe1949000 artist:supahdonarudo606 princess celestia104266 queen novo1695 alicorn270291 classical hippogriff5945 hippogriff12027 pony1299060 between dark and dawn1909 my little pony: the movie20585 alternate hairstyle33000 atg 2022757 book38848 clothes550912 duo107900 duo female18893 eyes closed118305 female1582178 hawaiian shirt539 high res84357 holding4284 mare605715 newbie artist training grounds7350 open mouth193742 open smile15112 raised hoof58731 shirt31795 simple background491730 smiling324382 transparent background243685 vacation302


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