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safe1587572 artist:aruurara289 nurse redheart3314 rainbow dash221055 earth pony206220 pegasus247740 pony857714 blushing178082 crying40245 cute181439 dashabetes8197 female1228028 gritted teeth10518 hoof hold7436 hug25519 mare427476 needle651 nurse2063 open mouth125512 pictogram1828 plot71614 scared9441 shaking1316 shivering1953 skull2694 syringe797 trypanophobia42 underhoof46842 vaccination28


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Background Pony #7DF9
For a kind nurse, Redheart seems not to have a problem with actual restraint.

As a blood donor who deals with real nice and big ones up the vein every three weeks, I do not know this feel.

Still cute as all get-out, though.
Background Pony #E012
I have this too.

Hit her on the head with a giant hammer, so she will have so much headache she doesn't feel the pain from the needle.
Background Pony #549B
All pony shots are administered in the rump…just because it's cuter that way.