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Smol and angy :P
safe2038106 artist:badumsquish2351 derpibooru exclusive36666 pipp petals14081 pegasus433432 pony1391127 g414253 g548914 adorapipp2359 angry33842 behaving like a bird711 blatant lies1570 blushing247882 carpet1333 chest fluff57233 coat markings10165 colored wings11016 cute244898 dialogue83915 embarrassed14047 excessive chest fluff52 female1658295 fluffy17532 frown30641 g5 to g41318 generation leap8423 headdress774 high angle666 high res89804 hoof fluff2685 its not small its compact!6 looking at you229145 madorable986 mare650760 peacocking31 pipp is short442 pipp petals is not amused252 red carpet155 smol1120 socks (coat markings)6014 solo1319782 spread wings80899 talking to viewer4738 two toned wings5191 unamused21725 unshorn fetlocks39198 wings188783 yelling3956


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Particle Mare, Particle Mare
Does the things a particle can
What’s she like? It’s not important
Particle Mare.
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
Yes Pipp, you’re not small - you’re *smol*. It’s an entirely separate concept - compact, high-density adorableness. <3
Now, could I…perhaps…give you a cuddle? Please? :3
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When you try to put as much frustration, but you’re still the cutest thing ever
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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
I don’t know if anyone else has ever said that, but if so, ‘tschuldigung, just got the same thought. And maybe I’d better mention this somewhere else, but… Meh, als ob ich mir hier jetzt noch tausend Gedanken zusätzlich machen würde. Here with this image of Badumsquish, I’m all about the basic principle (concerning my thought). ^^
Pipp’s green eyes, in a way that is inexplicable to me, match perfectly with her otherwise royal purple look. I mean, yes, she’s our all smol pony princess (although we G4ers have really only ever said that about Alicorns), but she’s a style and ambition princess who, for me personally, is the perfect evolution of Rarity feat. princess Cadance.
She has the love of her followers, the snobbery and ambition of a certain predecessor pony and the range to interpret certain things. And still this certain “dirty” mind. Dirty in the sense: She can certainly flip the table if she has to. Which she probably won’t, so as not to ruin her hoffcure. But should Pipp go all-in once, well…
What I want to say is: I like that smol Pipp. Contrary to certain fears at the time about the movie, she may not have gotten the best character growth. But definitely, she’s growing on me more and more. And for that, as a (her?) fan, you can criticize me now or not. But she is for me second best pony of G5 so far.
I could go on and on about this now. But I would like to go back to the point I was making. Her green eyes are simply adorable. So are hers, as Badumsquish said… compact (cough) body? Appearance? Physics!? (Ah, this wonderful moment when, as a non-native speaker, you don’t know what to say. Or how to say it.)
Nun, when it comes to Pipp: she is compact and compensates my feelings for everything that is beautiful and good. And therefore, sorry, Zipp. Your sister is in this regard (pun) so much more. It is certainly smol, but großartig! ;-D