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Most recent finished Com/mission for @niklas_ross ! this was a blast to work on and I’d take any day to draw toll twilight >:3 #mlp
safe1972488 artist:maxiima82 twilight sparkle333032 oc837094 alicorn274635 pony1324469 unicorn446887 beard4724 cape12882 clothes559625 crown24982 duo118069 duo male and female1688 eye contact7338 facial hair8191 female1604240 floor402 frown28816 glasses77463 halo2220 high res86752 horn117412 jewelry91346 long mane4680 looking at each other27627 looking at someone7418 male460193 mare618868 moon28055 night32889 nimbus71 regalia29846 room1855 signature35063 smiling331519 smirk15873 spread wings75519 stallion150332 standing18179 suit7621 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138608 unicorn oc22533 unshorn fetlocks36367 window11298 wings175296


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