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safe1947303 artist:uotapo1043 izzy moonbow12789 pony1297121 unicorn434494 g536918 blush sticker3222 blushing234935 clothes550098 clothes swap1823 cloud37262 crossover68415 cute232194 disney3951 female1580411 glowing11479 gravity falls1504 heart59849 hoof heart1029 izzybetes1717 lights1049 mabel pines426 mare604708 open mouth193346 plug227 rainbow5667 signature34240 smiling323862 solo1246869 stars19539 sweater16977


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Background Pony #57C9
Is it just me or Izzy has just the looks to rock braces? Like they wouldn’t even make her look nerdy, they would just enhance her cuteness
luna's husbando

I never cared for childish glitter and cheerios and popsicle stick arts and crafts as a tot, but if Izzy’s unicycling leads to developing pony stillsuits or piezoelectric/triboelectric charging fabrics, she’s gonna go far.
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Good to know the “highly energetic character” archetype is still being associated even crossing generations.