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Meme fodder for correcting hot takes, now in Technicolor~
suggestive170031 artist:qlop111 twilight sparkle329941 pony1294225 unicorn433081 bedroom eyes71073 bust65714 collar40573 disembodied hand3405 earbuds966 female1578029 femsub12746 fetish48290 finger gun259 finger guns118 greentext1153 hand10607 heart59680 high res83827 horn112391 horn ring6662 hypnogear352 hypnolight sparkle69 hypnosis4053 hypnosis fetish193 hypnotic music18 hypnotized1967 jewelry88393 latex15309 lock638 magic85085 magic hands1126 mare603291 metal1009 padlock752 ring5023 simple background489905 solo1244924 spiral171 steel38 submission338 submissive20963 swirly eyes2791 text74390 twisub1047 unicorn twilight25127 visor935 white background126491


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