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Time travelling babies
safe1948113 hitch trailblazer7467 pound cake2798 pumpkin cake2548 sunny starscout11966 alicorn270092 earth pony351714 pegasus395976 pony1298077 unicorn434992 alicorn issues212 g46598 g537090 my little pony: a new generation13589 my little pony: tell your tale8579 spoiler:g510654 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale7739 spoiler:tyts01e14212 alternate hairstyle32977 baby12565 baby pony7795 beach18951 bow36836 bucket2868 cake twins543 dialogue78742 female1581257 g4 to g5310 generation leap7710 high res84298 hornless unicorn68 magazine1184 male451400 mare605196 missing horn961 race swap17720 sandcastle423 shovel1175 siblings14439 small wings666 stallion145982 sunnycorn684 twins2675 unshorn fetlocks35071 when you see it697 wingless5873 wings169530


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Background Pony #E9DD
…so the cake twins are babies again and come all the way to the G5 era and are somehow both earth ponies, and Sunnys wings are now tiny?
Background Pony #0674
It’s the Cake Twins! They found a time machine and visited the future!
And Pound’s wings are gone and mane changed color due to the time traveling