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Guess since the files are public, I’ll upload them myself. Gift art from Racoon for Patreon support, before shit hit the fan. If only they had subscription tiers on Boosty so they could still get paid monthly…
safe1922509 alternate version64728 artist:racoonsan638 princess celestia103307 human189577 bare shoulders4533 bedroom eyes70107 big breasts102064 blushing231432 breasts330215 busty princess celestia11902 clothes541204 cute228855 cutelestia3919 dress51999 eye clipping through hair10247 female1557300 hair over one eye10842 humanized108039 looking at you207884 moderate dark skin822 praise the sun2220 robe4207 solo1227903 tan skin90


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Guess Boosty is a donation thing. Cause until now, I’m certain getting explicit stuff from this guy is impossible considering none of his are explicit here to begin with.