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Another day for the little unicorn/zeeb minx to head off into the Everfree to find all the many ingredients needed to craft up another concoction. Be it for medicinal, scientific or personal curiosity reasons Voodoo is one that can focus to dedicate to herself. A pioneer of two personalities combined into one lovely mare dedicated to their craft and unlocking the many elements of the world they inhabit. An embodiment of curiosity and wonder that refuses to die regardless of age and attitude. Such that is so amazing and mesmerizing that it always garner’s boys like Khaki-Cap and Nova Reactor to carry loving affection for the mare. Also could just be that phat ass that is what is also so eye catching.
Yet another amazing piece done by Pledus
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safe1922524 artist:pledus199 starlight glimmer54103 zecora10249 oc811486 oc:voodoo charms35 earth pony339854 pony1269916 unicorn421779 zebra20389 basket3675 clipboard1467 commissioner:bigonionbean2421 cutie mark51931 ear piercing34093 earring26216 female1557307 fusion6078 fusion:voodoo charms35 jewelry86258 mare589740 piercing51381 writer:bigonionbean2101


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