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And Here We have Bright Eyes , Smolder , And Ocellus Reeanacting the scene in the look before you sleep episode : where rarity dares applejack to wear her froufrou glittery lacy outfit 
Bright Eyes : Okay. I dare Smoldet to play dress-up in a frou-frou, glittery, lacey outfit.
Smolder : [gasp] Happy?
Bright Eyes : Very. [smirk]
Ocellus Um, do I ever get a turn?
Smolder: I dare you to enter the next Dragon Tournament when it comes to my Home.
Bright Eyes : I dare you not to enter the next Dragon Tournament that comes to Your town.
Smolder : I dare you to not comb your mane a hundred times before bed.
Bright Eyes : And I dare you to comb yours just once.
Ocellus : I, uh, I think we should check off Truth or Dare and move on. Let’s see what our next fun-fun-fun thing is, shall we? 
safe1974174 artist:darlycatmake206 bright eyes216 ocellus6394 smolder10317 changeling58519 dragon72362 pony1326568 unicorn447724 look before you sleep1035 school daze3070 uprooted1274 adorable face1777 angry32690 argument1012 bright eyedorable19 clothes560376 concerned1103 crossed arms6886 cute236758 dragoness12145 dress53938 female1605912 froufrou glittery lacy outfit248 glare8702 glasses77547 grumpy2979 looking at each other27664 looking at someone7468 pretty909 princess2860 princess smolder274 scene interpretation9934 trio17756 trio female3801 worried4902


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