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A New Hairstyle - Rarity
(English) Lately I’ve seen that hairstyle in many drawings, I guess it’s a new trend, so I have joined and did the same with my beautiful Rarity. I loved the end result.
(Español) Últimamente he visto ese peinado en muchos dibujos, supongo que es una nueva tendencia así que me he sumado e hice lo mismo con mi bella Rarity. Me encantó el resultado final.
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safe1945120 artist:tabrony23289 rarity201144 human197937 equestria girls230705 beautiful6724 boots27723 bow36723 clothes549235 cute231788 eyebrows14416 eyeshadow21873 female1578433 hair bow20728 hairstyle226 looking at you212146 makeup29994 patreon14033 patreon logo9169 raribetes6256 shoes48210 show accurate22926 signature34161 sitting77011 smiling323267 smiling at you13154 solo1245289


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