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Pinkie Pie is crazy, but we still love her.
safe1918381 edit151891 edited screencap76923 editor:secretbronyx27 screencap251188 pinkie pie234478 pony1266047 party of one1239 best pony1413 best pony license12 bipedal42332 contemplating insanity128 crazy face1083 cross-eyed954 cutie mark51932 derp7540 eye1897 eyes2147 faic13477 female1553920 floppy ears62283 hat104047 horseshoes2508 id card270 implied cheesepie46 implied gummy10 implied party cannon1 implied sex6937 implied shipping5965 implied straight5896 losing my mind3 mare587761 meme87790 party hat2886 pinkamena diane pie20667 prehensile mane324 simpsons did it473 solo1225180


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Background Pony #5765
Is pinkie calling her weight variable a reference to her getting fat at the end of mystery on the friendship express?