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Twilight Sparkle: - Glad to hear you say that. Nice swimsuit, where did you find it?
Tempest Shadow: - In a small shop in Ponyville. The saleswoman was a little eccentric and talked a lot but was very professional.
suggestive170500 artist:fab3716360 fizzlepop berrytwist9662 tempest shadow18169 twilight sparkle330210 alicorn270059 unicorn434910 anthro310395 my little pony: the movie20585 belly button94186 bikini22073 breasts336421 clothes550419 duo107485 duo female18833 erect nipples14151 female1581071 french1036 nipple outline9485 sling bikini1706 speech bubble31069 swimming pool3530 swimsuit34312 translated in the description1342


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