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Final Part 2, it seems anomaly won’t be going anywhere for a while
suggestive170496 artist:poneymoment13 part of a set17951 oc824378 oc:anomaly8 oc:platinum snow2 kirin12147 pegasus395945 pony1298001 albino362 belly35023 belly expansion829 bellyrubs1267 big belly15775 bingo wings3293 blimp671 blushing235107 body expansion22 body inflation195 butt171709 butt expansion1500 chubby cheeks4737 cloud37274 cloud inflation15 force feeding967 glowing11506 glowing horn24795 growth7006 horn112867 huge belly6249 huge butt12980 immobile3475 impossibly large belly12900 impossibly large butt8667 inflation11078 kirin oc2522 large butt24827 magic85251 magic abuse623 neck roll1445 part of a series3273 poking663 puffy cheeks4584 scar14250 soft196 stuffed1948 tall632 telekinesis33540 translucent belly79


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