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suggestive173393 artist:theretroart88264 sci-twi28902 sunset shimmer72782 twilight sparkle333374 human204394 equestria girls234344 equestria girls series38712 spring breakdown3080 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16391 ass69981 bare shoulders5110 blushing239335 breasts344296 butt180223 clothes560742 duo118861 duo female20493 female1606648 glasses77624 lesbian108699 looking at you217853 ocean9333 open mouth198427 outdoors16104 palm tree2308 resort42 sand3062 sci-twibutt511 scitwishimmer2596 seaside176 shipping230189 sleeveless7346 smiling332320 strapless2515 stupid sexy sci-twi213 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1268 stupid sexy twilight1323 summer1823 sunsetsparkle4845 table11306 tree41550 twibutt7471 water18985


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Background Pony #0B5C
Lovely~ Though, what is the skirt thing around Twilight’s hips called?