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Commission for me

safe2119551 artist:annna markarova194 roseluck5928 earth pony423970 pony1548200 g41933955 >:)297 become ungovernable3 bell6399 bell collar3372 bow42647 collar46086 commission110754 commissioner:doom9454496 defiant39 evil grin6180 eyebrows21737 eyebrows visible through hair10199 featured image1168 female1742275 fuck the police194 glare8949 grin60116 high res103296 mare704225 meme92225 no765 pet tag2370 ponified animal photo950 pony pet1171 rosepet497 screentone59 signature41528 smiling377506 smirk17512 smug8708 solo1383016 tail89480 tail bow8863


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Background Pony #8877
At first I thought she was scrunching her nose in anger
Then I realized she was being a devious cat
Now I’m even happier with this art
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I'm not famous.
I’m not a fan of treating sentient/sapient characters (aka people) as “pets” in any context. It’s intellectually debilitating.
I don’t dislike it enough to hide the tags associated with it, but I don’t approve of it, either.
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Delly - For supporting the site
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Background Pony #A0A7
T-this much power shouldn’t be allowed into the limbs of a single individual.
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