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safe1946116 artist:alcor1160 rainbow dash257172 pegasus395021 anthro309956 plantigrade anthro42084 abs13684 barefoot32175 basket3732 beach18920 belly button94061 bikini22037 breasts336011 clothes549622 crossed legs4055 cup7627 drink6353 feet47956 female1579365 flip-flops1155 footprint107 fruit1315 grin51571 hammock518 herbivore2040 implied plantigrade anthro2 looking at you212334 lying down31329 midriff21393 on back29111 palm tree2238 sandals5100 sexy36728 small breasts3648 smiling323537 smiling at you13194 solo1246049 stupid sexy rainbow dash4038 swimsuit34254 tree40178


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

I'm not famous.
You can’t actually see her feet, but I suppose the presence of flip-flops that look exactly like the kind a human would wear imply plantigrade feet.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Fruit basket and flip-flops shouldn’t have the pattern of the sand. Maybe the ends of the hammock line shorter, because it looks like she is lying on a cage. Otherwise good.