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Question: What is their Sir-name? they call themselves the apple family but their grandma’s last name is smith. and their names are Applejack and Applebloom said as one word, so is it Applejack Apple or Applejack smith? we do know with their parents backstory Mrs. cake changed her sir-name upon marriage, same holds true with Spoiled Rich whose maiden name is Milk. There is too many existential questions in this (these?) world.
suggestive170166 artist:oatmeal!280 apple bloom55839 applejack186357 human198076 equestria girls230813 3d99521 belly button94061 bikini22036 bow36773 breasts336008 clothes549613 cowboy hat21432 gmod7846 hair bow20762 hand on shoulder513 hat106377 legs together1476 older33474 older apple bloom2780 sexy36728 swimsuit34253


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Background Pony #E741
They are called the apple family because firstly, they grow apples. And relating to that, all their names are of types of apples. And really, you’ve got two girls wearing bikinis, and you’re asking where their family names come from?
Elric of Melnipony

In regard to the description: the word you want is “surname”, not “sir-name”. Also, they may not have one. (EqG names are taken from pony names, which don’t work like real-world human names.)