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suggestive172836 artist:dacaoo369 applejack187746 rainbow dash259248 tempest shadow18247 twilight sparkle332822 alicorn274267 earth pony361110 pegasus406299 pony1322539 unicorn446041 adult blank flank106 appledash7229 applesub370 blank flank8953 blank flank tempest49 blushing238510 bondage40955 bound wings4286 broken horn15151 comic123833 dashsub835 dock61912 ear blush1235 eye scar5633 facial scar154 female1602492 femsub12886 floppy ears64467 grin52945 horn117121 imminent foursome26 lesbian108530 licking24366 licking lips5092 looking at each other27587 looking at someone7367 rope14167 rope bondage5996 scar14470 shipping229648 smiling330978 submissive21167 tail66172 tempestlight3607 tied up7359 tongue out128488 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138523 wings174821


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Twilight finally gets to force Dash to become an egghead in the hay; Tempest, for her reward in helping tie them, gets an earth pony strong enough to handle her oversized frame.