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suggestive170189 artist:dacaoo361 applejack186362 rainbow dash257186 tempest shadow18167 twilight sparkle330082 alicorn269775 earth pony350690 pegasus395073 pony1295884 unicorn433906 adult blank flank106 appledash7178 applesub363 blank flank8835 blank flank tempest49 blushing234733 bondage40319 bound wings4214 broken horn14974 comic122459 dashsub827 dock60682 ear blush1183 eye scar5597 facial scar106 female1579502 femsub12755 floppy ears63487 grin51578 horn112601 imminent foursome26 lesbian107616 licking23911 licking lips5000 looking at each other26914 looking at someone6497 rope13980 rope bondage5899 scar14234 shipping227232 smiling323575 submissive20975 tail62059 tempestlight3611 tied up7219 tongue out126295 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137320 wings169075


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Twilight finally gets to force Dash to become an egghead in the hay; Tempest, for her reward in helping tie them, gets an earth pony strong enough to handle her oversized frame.