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suggestive185213 artist:mhdrawin45 princess celestia110313 princess luna114643 alicorn302164 anthro345366 g41381970 bedroom eyes79042 big breasts119787 black and white16758 blushing261264 breasts375560 busty princess celestia13343 busty princess luna9444 chubby16600 cleavage44790 clothes610530 dialogue88794 duo155735 duo female27459 female1736911 grayscale47525 huge breasts55658 impossibly large breasts22776 looking at you245663 mare701351 monochrome171541 plump8454 royal sisters6382 siblings19847 simple background568018 sisters16629 sweat38356 talking to viewer5431 thighs26307 thunder thighs15124 toga325 white background151468 wide hips28278


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I guess since there’s no indication or tag that says she’s drunk in this, I guess Celestia is just this thirsty…
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