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safe1974875 alternate version69323 artist:mauroz828 applejack188029 fluttershy238568 pinkie pie238868 rainbow dash259712 rarity203411 sci-twi28901 spike87403 twilight sparkle333348 dog12135 human204359 equestria girls234327 anime6708 applebutt5672 ass69950 bare shoulders5108 barefoot32613 beach19181 belly button95981 bikini22434 breasts344249 busty rarity15698 butt180150 clothes560640 eyes closed121071 feet48763 female1606445 fluttershy's wetsuit384 humanized110348 imminent pain172 male461014 male nipples8432 mane seven7356 mane six35361 nipples212332 one-piece swimsuit5838 open mouth198392 palm tree2300 peace sign4049 rarity's purple bikini317 selfie4261 shipping230169 sleeveless7344 sparity7707 spike the dog2884 sports4918 straight159891 sunscreen729 sweat33755 sweatdrops1564 swimsuit34791 this will end in tears3846 this will not end well2134 tree41536 twibutt7469 volleyball737 volleyball net168


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Background Pony #FB63
Maybe Rarity doesn’t care that it’s night.
But Rainbow Dash sure does!
Background Pony #E960
Rarity: Here Spike, help me put the sunscreen on me.
Spike: B-but Rarity its night time you know.
Rarity: Oh, darling I know beside your hand already reaching for it if you know its night time.
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
Artist - snoopystallion

the night version doesnt make any sense. where are all the stadion grade flood lights that lighting up the scene. and why should there even be such flood lights. sunscreen in the night?. pointless edit is pointless