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Sunny Starscout… pregnant!
This was fun!!
safe1945873 artist:ponykittenboi145 derpibooru exclusive33799 sunny starscout11692 earth pony350569 pony1295561 g536517 belly34889 belly blush175 big belly15658 braid7703 drinking4318 female1579194 floppy ears63477 freckles35704 hair tie1208 holding4273 looking at you212297 mare603867 multicolored hair8640 pregnant15145 signature34200 simple background490406 smoothie531 solo1245879 straw2245 unshorn fetlocks34983 watermark20548


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

I wonder if Sunny still tries to rally the town and lead causes in Maretime Bay? I mean she’s an alicorn but caring a baby is responsibility. I hope she gets maternity leave from her smoothie stand.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

Also I know those are fruit smoothies but are those the best for a growing foal Sunny. I can’t get over how cute Sunny is here. I bet she misses roller-skating around, that wouldn’t be safe for a mare as pregnant as her. So cute!

This is really cute. If you decide to draw Zipp Pregnant you should include Hitch in the picture and make it a ZippxHitch pic