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safe1947027 screencap257546 izzy moonbow12773 sunny starscout11798 zipp storm8568 earth pony351101 pegasus395456 pony1296821 unicorn434384 ali-conned216 g536761 my little pony: make your mark2917 my little pony: make your mark chapter 21787 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 21679 spoiler:myms01e04212 bed49238 bedroom13328 book38788 cactus717 crying49823 female1580151 hat106506 mare604531 mirror6354 pillow22120 sad28154 sunny sadscout25 worried4800


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Son of the Young Master
C’mon, Sunny! You can’t hide in this bedroom forever! You will get a therapeutic talk with these girls, even if they have to throw you out the bed to do so!
Background Pony #416D
Sunny was upset because she thought she really made some new friends with ‘The Filly Four’ a group of glitter ponies (Minus Misty because she’s not a glitter pony but for some odd reason she’s a part of the group anyway.) so Sunny started hanging out with them but she started getting suspicious when ‘The Filly Four’ asked her to spend the time with them while in her ‘Alicorn Form’. So one day Sunny showed up in her ‘Normal Form’ and found out that ‘The Filly Four’ only liked her because of her ‘Alicorn Form’ which hurt Sunny’s feelings and she ran home crying.
Although ‘The Filly Four’ wasn’t really being mean to Sunny and they did help Sunny with whatever public projects she had in mind, they still used Sunny in the end because they only liked Sunny’s ‘Alicorn Form’ and she was upset about that.
Hopefully, ‘The Filly Four’ will realize that they were wrong to do that and will be Sunny’s friends for real later on in the series, so we’ll see where this goes later.