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Late for the event but ah well, Ponytober day 3 - Throwback
No really, literally throw back : )
safe1946623 artist:scribble-potato88 misty1295 shanty (tfh)261 starlight glimmer54722 trixie73988 goat1542 pony1296417 unicorn434190 them's fightin' herds5992 g46561 g536659 :o5070 boat1659 cannon1018 cape12639 clothes549853 cloven hooves12586 community related5548 dialogue78666 female1579810 glowing11464 glowing horn24779 group5135 hat106467 high res83947 horn112675 levitation14074 magic85194 mare604301 nose in the air1771 open mouth193193 open smile14952 ponytober391 quartet592 smiling323652 speech bubble31024 telekinesis33513 trixie's cape4585 trixie's hat5468 unshorn fetlocks35007 yeet91


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